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Useful BitNinja commands

This article provides some of the basic and useful commands of BitNinja. IP Management Whitelisting/Blacklisting the IP: bitninjacli --whitelist --add=
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Manual BitNinja installation

BitNinja provides a single command for installation, that detects your OS and installs the applications quickly – it is explained...
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How to stop and uninstall BitNinja

Stopping BitNinja service bitninja stop Uninstalling Bitninja and related packets Debian based distribution: apt-get purge 'bitninja*' Rpm based distribution: yum...
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Install the WHM plugin for BitNinja

The following command below install BitNinja and WHM plugin: wget -qO- | tar -zx && ./bitninja-whm/install --license_key=[licensekey] The other...
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How to set up Port honeypot?

The Port honeypot module opens fake services on random ports that have no active service running. So the Port honeypot...
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