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Time4VPS is a division of the company ‘Interneto vizija’ which was founded in 2003 and quickly grew to serve more than 100,000 clients across Europe. Due to our loyal customers and their referrals, by 2005 we had become the largest web hosting provider in Lithuania (Europe). Today we are proud to have more than 15 years’ experience in hosting business. We own a huge thanks to our community for trusting us.

By combining affordable, scalable options with enterprise-level technology, we are able to supply our customers with internet address registration, web hosting and VPS services.

We like to work hard but try not to take ourselves too seriously. Experienced, friendly, and energetic professionals with strong technical background are ready to offer fast, top-quality support. We appreciate our community very much. Thank you so much for being awesome!

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Time4VPS start

Launched in 2012, Time4VPS marks the beginning of its story. Time4VPS was established as a division of the company Interneto Vizija, Ltd. Interneto Vizija is the leading Lithuanian hosting service provider operating under such brands as Time4VPS, Hostens, Serveriai.lt, and others. Arvydas Strausas, the founder of the company, launched Time4VPS with the mission to provide individuals with affordable and high-quality VPS hosting services. Also, this year, the company became the cPanel Authorized Partner and started offering cPanel/WHM licenses at a very competitive price.



Standard VPS

With the focus on our customers, Time4VPS developed and introduced new standard VPS XS, S, M, and XL plans. Furthermore, we also presented a new pricing strategy and partnership program. These updates gave a significant boost and attracted many new resellers. Finally, the latest generation HP ProLiant Gen 9 servers were purchased in order to deliver the latest performance and expandability. All these actions pushed hard for double-digit business growth at Time4VPS.



Storage VPS

Over the years, Time4VPS continued to grow and expand the range of hosting services. In early 2015, a new and optimized storage VPS service was introduced after customer requests. The advanced service with a modern and powerful NAS technology quickly received attention in the online discussion forums and soon became very popular.



Time4VPS Data Center

This year a modern data center has been launched. Time4VPS data center was built and is maintained according to the TIER III international standard. As data center is located in the geographic midpoint of Europe (Vilnius, Lithuania), Time4VPS is able to offer its clients fast and reliable optical connections to all European network exchange spots.




This year Time4VPS is expanding its service portfolio by introducing KVM Linux and KVM Windows VPS services. These services are specially designed for experienced and skilful customers. For 2017, Time4VPS announces an ambitious plan to accelerate growth in Europe and also the growth of its customer circle.


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