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We bring delight to our partners and offer Resellers & Referral programs:

Massive discountsThe discount percentage depends on your reseller level. The reseller level is determined by the number of active VPS servers you run here, at Time4VPS. Believe us, the final discount can be really massive!
Instant upgrade/downgradeYou can easily change your virtual private server plan anytime from the client area. No server reboot or OS re-installation required.
Free DNS managerEvery VPS owner can host unlimited domains with our built-in DNS manager. Furthermore, it’s super easy to use and manage.
Instant service setupAfter a successful payment, our standard service delivery time is 5 minutes. Actually, it takes even less for most customers and resellers!
Reverse DNS managementIt’s easy to change your VPS hostname and reverse DNS from our user-friendly VPS control panel.
Weekly and daily backupsWe offer daily and weekly backups for all of our Container and Linux/Windows VPS packages for as low as 1 EUR per month.
Software licensesInstant cPanel/WHM, Plesk and DirectAdmin license activation. Hit the ground with industry-standard control panels you already know and love.
WHMCS moduleOur WHMCS module is designed to integrate the VPS and Storage Server reseller environment functions into the WHMCS system hosted by our customers.
Blesta moduleOur Blesta module is designed to integrate the VPS reseller functions into your Blesta system. Your client will be able to use all the VPS management functions Time4VPS offers.
Service add-onsYou can upgrade your servers by adding extra add-ons, such as additional IP, 1 Gbps port speed and software licenses. Everything is automated and deployed instantly right after the payment.
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Free for anyone to join inIt costs absolutely nothing for you to be our referral. Most importantly, it brings you the potential for huge earnings!
Detailed reportsYou’re able to easily access all the statistics about your sales and commission. Moreover, a dedicated team of referral specialists is available to assist you 7 days per week.
Commission on all salesOnce you have an account, you’ll be given an referral link. Place this link on your website or send it to your friends and watch how your income grows!
Access to our marketing materialsAs we have plenty of useful marketing material, you’re welcome to add it to your website to attract new clients. You can use your own banner design too.
Great conversion rateOur website is built with a great conversion rate in mind. Referrals of Time4VPS convert at much higher rates in comparison to other similar traditional programs. Make sure yourself!
90-day tracking cookieOur referral system uses a smart cookie to track the referred visitor on web after they click on your link. You will be informed about all the purchases they make through your referral link.
Short waiting periodWe need to be sure that a referred client has made a successful purchase before we reward you. So, after 31 days of waiting, you will automatically receive your commission!
Your earningsAll your earnings are directly transferred to your account. So, you can easily spend your reward by ordering new or extending your current services. It's a great way to save!
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Questions & answers

What is the difference between Reseller and Referral programs?

The Referral program is an arrangement which provides a certain level of benefits for two or more parties. The Referral program provides you, a referral, with a recommendation link with which you may refer your website visitors or friends to our services and earn one-time commission.

In the meantime, the Reseller program provides you with more ways to earn. Even though the Reseller program is more complicated in comparison to the Referral program, you’re given a nice opportunity to make money. You do that by using your online reselling business and getting the difference of the amount you pay us and the amount paid by your clients. It’s completely up to you to decide about the prices and fees for the services you are offering. Furthermore, please take a note that we additionally offer discounts for the Resellers, so you can benefit even more. We offer additional discounts for our Resellers who meet these conditions:

1. They’ve had at least 11 active VPSs for more than 30 days
2. They have no Terms of Service violation record.

How do I start reselling?

You can start reselling our services immediately after registration on Time4VPS client area. more information on that can be found in our knowledgebase.

Will my clients see any relation to Time4VPS?

Your clients won’t find any Time4VPS logos or other references to our company on their hosting accounts if you don’t want them to.

How do I become an referral?

After your sign up for a new or already existing account, you can activate your referral program. It's completely automated and free of charge.

Where can I find more information?

Our support team is glad to help you 24/7 via chat.