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What OS do you offer?

All of our OS templates are based on 64-bit architecture only. Linux VPS: Operating systems: CentOS 6 CentOS 7 CentOS...
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Do you offer backups?

VPS We generate daily and weekly backups for our VPS packages for additional 1 EUR monthly fee. 1. For how...
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Do you offer cPanel/WHM licenses?

Yes, we are an authorized cPanel NOC. You can order a cPanel/WHM VPS Optimized license right after VPS order confirmation....
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Can I run Docker on my server?

We support Docker on our Linux, Windows VPS and Container VPS (ordered after 2020-01-10). Tutorial about how to set it...
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Where is your datacenter?

Our data center located in Europe, Lithuania city of Vilnius. More information about our Data center can be found right...
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Do you support IPv6?

We support native IPv6 on all Linux/Windows, Container and Storage VPS server. Every VPS receives single IPv6 address with ability...
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Can I add my own OS image?

Due to virtualization platform limits you can’t use your own OS image. Despite this, we offer huge list of OS...
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