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TLD Register Renew Transfer
.eu 2.00 EUR 7.50 EUR 7.50 EUR
.com 10.00 EUR 11.00 EUR 12.00 EUR
.net 11.00 EUR 13.00 EUR 12.00 EUR
.org 8.00 EUR 13.00 EUR 13.00 EUR
.de 11.00 EUR 10.00 EUR 10.00 EUR
.it 2.00 EUR 23.00 EUR 23.00 EUR
.es 6.50 EUR 6.50 EUR 0.00 EUR 2.00 EUR 23.00 EUR 23.00 EUR
.fr 9.00 EUR 9.50 EUR 9.00 EUR
.nl 7.50 EUR 7.50 EUR 7.50 EUR
.be 2.00 EUR 23.00 EUR 23.00 EUR

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Questions & answers

What is a domain name?

A domain name (in other words, the name of a site) is a specific letter sequence denoting the name of a site or used in the names of mailboxes. It may contain numbers and hyphens.

How long does registration takes?

Usually, a domain is registered almost instantly, but some domain registration requires additional verification and/or documents so it may take a little longer.

Is ID number required to register a domain?

Yes, in order to register a domain, our registrar(NameSRS), requires a customer to provide a personal ID number. ID number is usually on your passport or national ID card.

Can I cancel domain registration?

If the domain is already completed the registration process, it cannot be canceled.

Can I refund the domain?

No, domain registration is not refundable.

Can I transfer domain to Time4VPS?

Yes, you can transfer an active domain from another provider to Time4VPS. You should choose "Transfer" instead of "Register" on this page.

What does “ClientHold” status mean?

Status "ClientHold" means that you need to approve your contact details. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) periodically sends a confirmation email that you need to accept if your contact details are correct. Otherwise, please update your contact information and confirm it with an email within 15 days.