Domain WHOIS change

Any kind of domain information (WHOIS) change requires confirmation by email. This is a very important moment because if you don’t confirm the changes by confirmation email, it will not be completed.

If you are changing contact email address of your domain, you will receive two emails – one to the new email address and the other to the old email address. In order for changes to be completed, you will have to confirm the changes by both emails. If at least one of the emails is not accessible or doesn’t confirm the changes, it will not be completed.


I want to change the contact email for domain, from [email protected] to [email protected].

First, the mailbox “[email protected]” will receive an email with the information about the domain and what changes will be made. The email of confirmation will have two buttons to accept or not accept the domain WHOIS change. In order to confirm the changes simply press “ACCEPT TRADE” button.

Second, the previous contact email address “[email protected]” will receive an email of confirmation as well. The information will be similar and informs about upcoming changes. If you want to accept the changes, press the button “ACCEPT TRADE“.

Note. The previously used mailbox “[email protected]” email will contain a check-box “Walve 60-day Transfer Lock” – you have to mark it if you want your domain to be eligible for transfer, Otherwise, domain is locked for 60 days and cannot be transferred after WHOIS change.


If you have lost access to the current mailbox that is used and cannot confirm the domain WHOIS change, please contact us.

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