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Create nameserver with your domain

Using nameservers with your own domain is a great advantage for reselling or managing your online business. It creates and helps to promote your brand’s image. Using Time4VPS prepared nameservers and “DNS Manager”, you can imitate your own nameservers for you or your client’s domains. Here are steps that will help you create nameserver for your own domain:

1. Set Time4VPS nameservers for domain

Please change the nameservers of the domain to Time4VPS: (ns1.time4vps.com) (ns2.time4vps.com)

2. Add the domain into your VPS:

Adding of a domain depends on the operating system and control panel you use. You can check the tutorial for our templates here.

3. Login into DNS Manager:

Login into the Client Area and go to the “DNS Manager“, which is found on the left side menu:

“Services” -> “DNS” -> “DNS Manager“

4. Press the button “Add domain“.

Add domain into DNS Manager

5. Add your new domain:

In the line “Domain” add your new domain that will be used for creating nameservers, then select “I will add entries manually” and press “Submit“.

6. Go back into DNS Manager

Then go back into the “DNS Manager” and press on your newly added domain. Edit all the A records to be pointed into your server’s IP address.

7. Create subdomains that will be used as nameservers

In the “A records” section, press on “Add new record“. In the line, “Name” enter the subdomain for the domain, which will be used as a first nameserver. For example, in the “Name” enter “ns1” and in the “Content” enter the Time4VPS first nameserver’s IP address ( (ns1.time4vps.com)):

Add subdomain into DNS Manager

After entering it, press the button “Submit“. Then do the same for the second subdomain, just in the “Content” enter Time4VPS second nameserver’s IP address ( (ns2.time4vps.com)).

After creating subdomains, wait for at least an hour for the changes to propagate.

8. Use created subdomains as nameservers

After the changes will propagate, you can start using the created subdomains as your nameservers for other domains. Add the created subdomains on your current registrar and wait for the nameservers to change fully. It usually takes 5-8 hours for nameservers to be changed, but in some instances can take up to 24-48 hours.

9. Add another domain into “DNS Manager”:

Go back into “DNS Manager“, press on the “DNS Manager” and add another domain, for which the new nameservers will be used. Then in the section “NS Records“, press “Edit“. In the line “Content“, enter the new nameserver you just created on step 7. Press “Submit” and do the same for the second nameserver.

Wait for few hours to propagate and you will be able to check the second domain’s nameservers. You should be getting the answer from the newly created nameservers. From now on all the domains DNS records will be edited on your “DNS Manager” in your Client Area.

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