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What is self-managed VPS?

Self-managed service means – that customers are mostly responsible for installing, configuring and troubleshooting issues related to the server as...
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Can I add my own OS image?

Due to virtualization platform limits you can’t use your own OS image. Despite this, we offer huge list of OS...
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Why order form is so simple?

All our VPS control/provision system is custom made. Because of that, order process slightly differs from traditional order process. It’s...
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Do you oversell your services?

Time4VPS enforces strictly transparent resource allocation. All hardware infrastructure is monitored and load balanced. All provided resources* are guaranteed to...
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What virtualization do you use?

OpenVZ Virtualization We are using highly modified OpenVZ virtualization platform. For each VPS, we allocate dedicated RAM, disk space and...
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What is your uptime?

Time4VPS runs the most modern data center in the Baltic region which is located in the geographic midpoint of Europe...
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