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How to order SSL Certificate and get it issued?

Follow this step-by-step instruction to order an SSL certificate:

1. Log in to your account: https://billing.time4vps.com/clientarea/

2. Choose New Order  > SSL Certificates at the left menu;

3. Choose a certificate type and the billing period, then press a button Continue to step 2;

  4. In the next step, if you choose Yes, I have CSR ready., you would paste the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in the window Paste your CSR here: You can provide CSR during the order or later by choosing I don’t have my CSR ready. I will submit it after I place the order. You can generate CSR with many free tools on the internet, for example, https://csrgenerator.com/.

5. In the case of presence a CSR, choose server software, enter the domain name. Make sure to enter the right domain name as you can not change it in the future, and then press Continue to step 3.

Note. Server software should be chosen based on what is your server configuration

6. If you are not signed in your account, in the next step, fill in details about the owner of the certificate. It is crucial that you enter the correct information as they should match those used in CSR. Press Continue to step 4;

7. Confirm the billing period, and press Continue to step 5. Proceed with the payment.

8. After payment, you need to confirm your certificate via the email. Go to your client area and choose Services > SSL Certificates. Select a new certificate, and in the field, Approval email, select the mailbox you have (create one if you do not have). Save details by pressing Save Changes.

Now, wait for the confirmation email. You will get it to your chosen email address. It can take up to 24 hours. After confirmation email is received, the system will issue a certificate. Find files to download in the client area.

Note. Save CSR and more critical – Private Key for later as you will not be able to restore them.

Note. In case you lost Private Key for some reason, please contact us to and provide the new CSR and Private Key. We will be able to regenerate an issuing certificate.

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