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Why does VPN app on the iOS drain my battery so fast?

Some users have noticed that while using our iOS app, the amount of battery power our app uses dramatically increases.

The issue lies in how the operating system reports battery usage. When you connect to our VPN using OpenVPN, the iOS operating system registers the network requests and responses of the other apps that use the VPN connection as belonging to the Time4VPS VPN app.

If you watch Netflix on your iPhone without a VPN, the requests the Netflix app sends out to the Netflix server to load the next show are registered as battery usage for the Netflix app.

However, if you are watching the same show on the Netflix app while connected to a Time4VPS VPN server via OpenVPN, those same requests from the Netflix app will count towards the battery usage of the Time4VPS VPN app.

This happens with all VPN apps that offer OpenVPN on iOS devices.

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