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Ways to solve Time4VPS VPN connectivity issues on macOS

If you experience some connectivity issues when you are connecting to the Time4VPS VPN iOS app, you can check this guide, which below provides some common solutions for solving issues with Time4VPS VPN.

1. General issues

This category includes interface bugs you might encounter while using the app. The best thing to do is to reset the app to its default settings:

  1. Open the Time4VPS VPN app.
  2. Select Help in the app toolbar located at the top.
  3. Click Clear Application Data.
  4. The app has now been reset to its default settings.

2. Time4VPS VPN keychain error

If you enter the wrong login credentials several times, you might encounter this error message.

The Network Extension Agent, also known as neagent, enables your Mac to receive VPN authentication data from the keychain system. To allow your Mac to establish a VPN connection, you will need to enter your system password. Select Allow or Always Allow.

To resolve the keychain error, log out of your Mac user account and log back in. Alternatively, you can restart your Mac.

3. Network request timed out

You might encounter the following error message when logging in.

This indicates a possible error with your network, or that the Time4VPS infrastructure is currently experiencing downtime or maintenance. To fix this issue, follow these basic troubleshooting steps:

  1. Restart your Mac and log back in to the app.
  2. Check if you can access the Time4VPS website.
  3. Check if you can log in to your Time4VPS VPN account on other devices.
  4. Go to System PreferencesNetwork. Turn your WiFi off and on or unplug and replug your ethernet cable.
  5. Wait a few minutes before logging in again.
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