Microsoft uses an international auditing company, Ernst & Young to conduct an audit of servers running Windows operating systems served by our data center on November 18th – November 24th(included). If you recently received Time4VPS e-mail with the name of your Windows VPS server and information about the Microsoft Audit, follow the instruction on this page and be sure to complete it by November 24th(the last day).
You will need to run the audit script and send the results generated by the audit script to us via a special e-mail address. This procedure will only require a few minutes of your time.

We acknowledge that the information collected by the script will include only information about installed software and its licenses on your server, the data stored on your device, and/or your business data will not be scanned.

We would like to emphasize, that if we do not receive script results for software running on your server by the deadline (November 24th), Microsoft may oblige us to suspend your Windows VPS server.

Audit script

Download the script to your Windows server:


List of required actions

  1. Extract the archive “”.
  2. Run the script file “EYInventoryScript.vbs”.
  3. In the terminal window that opens, press “1and “Enter” to have the script scan the software installed and running on the VPS server.
  4. The results of the script will be stored in the “EY_Output” folder, archive it and email us the archive at [email protected] as an attachment.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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