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Module Features

Time4VPS WHMCS module designed to integrate the Time4VPS environment functions into the WHMCS system:

  • Automatically create Container VPS packages;

  • Automatically create Storage VPS packages;

  • Automatically create Linux/Windows VPS packages;

  • Automatically terminate Container VPS or Storage Server packages;

  • Integrate and display standard Container VPS or Storage VPS management panel like one you have in Time4VPS client area:

    • Install/reinstall OS;

    • Reboot;

    • Reset root password;

    • Initiate web console;

    • Flush IP tables.

Module Restrictions

Certain restrictions apply for Time4VPS WHMCS module at the moment:

  • Module can’t upgrade / downgrade services;

  • Module can’t order addons (additional IP, backups, licenses);

  • Module can’t suspend / unsuspend services;

  • Module can’t create cPanel licenses.

All these functions must be executed by Reseller manually, from Time4VPS client area.

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