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Time4VPS WHMCS module features

WHMCS which is short for web hosting manager complete solution, is a useful all-in-one tool for managing clients, handling billing, and dealing with support issues for various online businesses. It is compatible with the most major payment platforms such as PayPal, Google Checkout, and Authorize.Net and others. It also includes many useful features such as, the ability to use different currencies for payment, create invoices, create various promotions, and more. It can handle everything you need from signup to termination and is a powerful business automation tool that puts you completely in control.

Our Module Features

Our Time4VPS WHMCS module is specifically designed to integrate the existing Time4VPS environment functions into the system. With its many useful features you can:

  • Automatically create all our VPS packages;
  • Automatically terminate your VPS packages that you no longer need;
  • Integrate and display any standard VPS management panel like the one you can see in our Time4VPS client area:
    • Install and reinstall OS;
    • Change hostname;
    • Reboot your system;
    • Reset root password;
    • Initiate web console;
    • Change DNS servers;
    • Flush IP tables;
    • Order components (1Gbps, SSD, Backups);
    • Upgrade services;
    • Show usage graphs and usage history.

Our Module Restrictions

Have in mind that certain restrictions apply to our Time4VPS WHMCS module at the moment:

  • Module can’t suspend or unsuspend services;
  • Module can’t create cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk licenses.

Keep in mind that all these functions must be executed by Reseller manually, from Time4VPS client area.

Have any more questions about our module features or any related topics? Need help solving technical problems? We enjoy hearing from you. Contact our 24/7 customer service and ask us anything you like, we will be glad to help.

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