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Setting Up PrivateVPN OpenVPN connection on Synology


Click on Control Panel


Click on VPN


Click on Create


Select OpenVPN and then click on Next


Enter following settings on General Settings:

  1. Profile name: PrivateVPN
  2. Server address: Server list , for example vpn-se8.privatevpn.com
  3. User name: Enter your PrivateVPN user
  4. Password: Your password for PrivateVPN user.
  5. Download this certificate and extract it to your hard drive: ca.zip
  6. Certificate: Click on Browse…


Browse to the folder where you did extract the ca.zip file.
Select ca.crt and then Open
Click Next


Check following settings:
Enable compression on the VPN link
Route all client traffic through the VPN server
Allow other network devices to connect through this Synology servers’s Internet connection
Then click on Apply


Ensure that you have enabled SSH connection to Synology and connect to your Synology through SSH. In our case we use a tool called Putty, which can be download from here: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
Login with root and then write cd /usr/syno/etc/synovpnclient/openvpn/
Then press Enter


Write ls -la to find the name of the VPN client settings file. Look for client_XXXXXXXXXXX, in my case it’s client_o1413122446, but probably not in your case.


Now past following script and remember to change client_XXXXXXXXXXX to the one you have:

cat >> client_XXXXXXXXXXX << EOF
tun-mtu 1500
fragment 0
mssfix 1400
cipher AES-256-CBC

Now press Enter


Now it’s time to edit the port number for the VPN connection by editing the client_XXXXXXXXXX file.
In our case we use a tool called vi
Past this line and then press Enter: vi client_YOURFILENUMBER


Go to line remote vpn-se8.privatevpn.com 1194 and remove port number 1194 and replace it with 53
Hold down left-shift + R to edit. Press ESC to exit edit mode.
Now write :wq! and then press Enter to save and exit.


Go back to Control Panel – VPN and click om Connect.
Now you’re connected!

Important if you want to change the VPN server!!!
change the server address on the Control Panel – VPN, this must be done via SSH by editing the client_XXXXXXXXX file on the line remote vpn-se8.privatevpn.com 53
Otherwise all changed settings like port will be overwritten with default settings and the VPN stops work.

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