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Server load and percentages explained

What is the “server load”?

We have no bandwidth limits or bandwidth throttles on our VPN service. However, speed may differ between servers due to varying server loads.

The server load is linked to how many users are connected to that server at a particular time and what they are doing. This metric is updated regularly.

For the fastest and most stable connection, you should always connect to the server with lowest server load.

What are the percentages shown next to the server load?

The percentages are an indicator of what the server load is at that time. All other variables being equal, the lower the percentage is (i.e., the lower the server load), the faster your VPN connection will be if you have a very fast ISP connection speed.

A Time4VPS VPN server with a percentage in the 90-100% range is under a heavy load and could slow your connection down. A server that has a server load of 50% or below will support a fast connection.

However, if your ISP connection speed is less than 50Mbps, then it is unlikely you will notice a difference between servers with a 10% load and servers with a 60% load.

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