Init Script Management

Init Script Management is an option for a VPS server that allows you to add your scripts, that will be executed automatically after OS installation. This function could save time when deploying multiple servers. It allows you to prepare scripts once and they will be done together with the installation task, without additional manual work from the administrator.

You can add the scripts by following these steps:

    1. Connect to your Clients Area account:
    2. Choose a VPS server;
    3. On the left menu, press “Init Script Management” option;
    4. Press “Add new init script”
    5. Upload your script code in the text area and save it.

That’s it, your script is uploaded and will be executed on the next OS installation task.

Here are a few things to know:

    • Scripts are executed with root/administrator rights, so you don’t need to add “sudo”.
    • Scripts accept the following syntax: Bash/SH, Perl, Python, and PowerShell for Windows VPS.
    • You can add multiple scripts.
    • Our system doesn’t check the syntax, so if the script is incorrect it will simply won’t work.

A tutorial about OS installation is here:

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