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How to administrate SpamExperts SPAM filter quarantine?

If SpamExperts SPAM filter after checking received email determine that it is possibly a SPAM such email is added to filter quarantine. Such an email does not reach the mailbox. Spam filter quarantine can be managed via the filter management panel.

On the filter quarantine management window, specific email/emails can be selected as non-spam and delivered to the mailbox. In the same window also can be determined what the filter should do in the future if it receives this type of email.

So that manage SpamExperts SPAM filter quarantine follow these steps:

1. Log in to the SpamExperts SPAM filter management via the client’s area:

How to connect to SpamExperts spam filter?

2. Press on the section “Spam quarantine”:

3. View the list of quarantined emails:

Once you have found the email you are interested in, which should not be quarantined, select it on the left side and you will see additional options in the section Apply to selected – here you can choose what to do with the email:

The most relevant actions that can be performed with quarantined emails:

  • Remove from quarantine – remove email from quarantine (the email will not be delivered to the recipient);
  • Release from quarantine – deliver the email to the recipient;
  • Release and train from quarantine – deliver the email to the recipient and indicate to the filter that this type of emails should not be quarantined in the future.

So that whitelist/blacklist sender or recipient select it and press on reverse triangle:

  • Whitelist sender – whitelist the sender so that in the future all emails sent by this sender will not be filtered and automatically delivered to the inbox;
  • Blacklist sender – blacklist a sender so that in the future all emails sent by this sender will be rejected and will not reach the recipient.

4. Logs downloading:

All needed logs can be sent to your email. For that press on Email this Search:

After that you will see the second window:

Subject – you can specify the needed subject of the message;

Delivery – select when the email with logs will be sent;

Sender – the sender which will be indicated upon receipt of the letter;

Recipient – email address where email should be sent;

Template name – the layout of statements:

  • row – each log is sent separately;
  • columns – logs are sent in one table.

After all, sections are filled, select the Schedule so that an email to be sent.

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