How do I cancel my server?

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We would be sad to see you leave but if you would like to cancel your server you can do it via Clients Area:

  1. Login to the Clients Area;
  2. At the top menu select “My Services > VPS” tab;
  3. Find desirable VPS and press the “Manage” button;
  4. On the left menu choose “Request Cancellation” tab;
  5. Briefly describe your reason for cancellation;
  6. Sellect cancellation type (Immediate or End of The Billing Period);
  7. Finally press “Submit” button.

If you meet requirements for refund (please read Refund Policy for more information) you should:

  1. Submit a ticket by asking for refund and provide:
    1. Brief desricption of your reason for cancellation;
    2. VPS hostname or IP you want to get refund for.

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