Windows VPS vs Linux VPS: Explaining the Differences

January 30, 2020

When choosing VPS server hosting it is important to decide on the operating system for your server. To make the choice that is right for you, though, you need to be aware of the main differences between Windows and Linux VPS. The following post aims to provide relevant information about performance, usage, security, support and other aspects of choosing these operating systems.



When compared to Windows VPS, Linux can be considered less resource-hungry, so, you won’t require a regular reboot even when the website load is high. With Windows VPS you will need to reboot after every minor patch, whether it is a driver install or just a software update, which could be seen as one of the major issues. What is more, Windows-based hosting uses the GUI (graphical user interface), so, it may require more resources overall.


Easy to use?

When choosing VPS server hosting usability is also important. Generally, the choice here will depend on the level of your technical expertise. However, Windows VPS does look much more user-friendly, in comparison. It mostly is because of the previously mentioned graphic user interface (GUI), which means that people with less technical knowledge will find it quite a lot easier than the Linux operating system.


Security Concerns

When it comes to security issues, Linux and Windows VPS server hosting is considered to be pretty similar. Linux can be considered more secure, as it is open-source and editing privileges are limited to administrators only, but Windows is also very safe, provided it has the right setup.


Technical Support

The main difference here is that Linux, as a free open-source OS, has the support of the open-source community. However, the reliability of the support can sometimes be a concern. With Windows, on the other hand, you will be backed by Microsoft’s IT support team.


Pricing Differences

Linux VPS server hosting is often a much cheaper option because Linux OS itself (and, therefore, most of its applications) is open-source and free, while Windows requires a licensing fee which can be quite high and is usually included in the price of the VPS.