Why E-Commerce startups should consider getting VPS

January 30, 2020

Proper hosting services are crucial to the success of a business, especially for the new ones. Most usually choose shared hosting because it is an affordable option that offers basic necessary features and resources. While it is optimal for E-commerce startups, it might be quite detrimental to the success of the company in the long run. Opting for a cheap VPS plan is recommended for a few reasons that are discussed here.


Major drawbacks of shared hosting

When it comes to websites, a stable and secure service is a priority. It ensures that more and more users visit the page and recommend it to others. If the page doesn’t offer great performance, the business loses valuable customers. This can happen to startups that use shared hosting because:

  • It limits growth. These services are designed to host multiple users on one server. This means that storage space, RAM, bandwidth and other precious resources are shared among all of them. When one website experiences a spike in traffic, it uses more system processes and because of this, the others suffer from slowed loading times and unavailability. This restricts the growth of the user base. On the other hand, even a cheap VPS puts no restrictions on resources.
  • The provider might not issue an SSL certificate directly to you. These certificates show that a page and transactions done through it are safe as it encrypts all communication. If it is not issued directly to a specific host, the browser will notify visitors with a warning message that the connection is not safe. This scares off any potential users.

While shared hosting seems like a great option at first, these drawbacks can have a major negative impact on the success of the company. An unsecured website that doesn’t load properly only scares off customers.


Benefits of VPS

Any cheap VPS has a lot of advantages that greatly benefit both the website and the visitors. This service guarantees:

  • Isolation. The activities of other users won’t affect the server and page performance because the whole system is separate from them. This means that all available resources are only used by you.
  • Speed. You get dedicated RAM, CPU, bandwidth and more that is exclusive to your server. Speed in shared hosting fluctuates depending on the processes happening on other accounts. A VPS sets this aside specifically for your use.
  • Stability. The distinct distribution of resources ensures a steady service. There won’t be any connectivity problems.
  • Protection. Virtual private servers offer SSL certificates to every host. Additionally, the control panel offers such security measures like firewalls, antivirus programs and more.

Selecting even a cheap VPS service guarantees these features which will greatly boost the performance of the website and the server it is running on.

For any E-commerce company that is just starting, VPS is a better option. Shared hosting just does not have enough resources and security, which is crucial for the success of a business. With virtual private servers, there is more room for growth, and it offers better performance. Efficient services lead to happy customers.