How Can You Host Your Website for Free?

January 30, 2020

Ever wondered how to host a website for free? Turns out, it is quite possible. In this post, we will explain how Time4VPS affiliate program can help you make a profit and how you can use your earnings to pay for your VPS services.


Anyone Can Join

The only criteria necessary for you to join the affiliate program is that you have an ability to share an affiliate link that will be provided for you. And that’s it, it’s easy, completely free, and in addition to this, it brings you the possibility to earn extra money on the side.


Get All Information You Need

Now let’s explore the idea of how to host a website for free in more practical detail. When you become an affiliate, you will be able to easily access all kinds of information and statistics about your sales and earnings. Another benefit – you get access to Time4VPS marketing materials and you’re free to use them on your website to attract more traffic and possible new clients. If you run in any type of difficulties or have questions about the affiliate program, or Time4VPS services, a professional support team of specialists will assist you any day of the week.


How the Process Works

Despite that the question ‘how to host a website for free’ may sound difficult or too good to be true, this process is quite real and pretty simple. After you’ve created your account, Time4VPS will provide you with an affiliate link. You will then have to place that link on your website (if you have one) or send it to your friends, relatives and such. When people start clicking on that link, Time4VPS affiliate system will use cookies to track these referred visitors on the web. You will receive information about all the purchases they make through the affiliate link. After it is confirmed that a referred client has made a successful purchase (it usually takes 31 days), your commission will be automatically transferred to you.


Pay for Your VPS

So, the answer to the question of how to host a website for free is, use Time4VPS affiliate program. All earnings that you made this way are transferred directly to your account. This means you can spend your money to order new or extend your current VPS services. This way you might save quite a lot, or even get VPS hosting completely free.