Common questions about the cPanel license

February 9, 2020

cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels. It offers various useful features for the creation and automation of servers, protection and security against various attacks, and customization options for the websites that use this software. Of course, these benefits only come along once one obtains a cPanel license, which isn’t that hard to do. As with any other service, people have some questions about it, and we’re here to answer the most frequently asked ones.


Should I get cPanel with a VPS hosting plan?

Although there are many alternatives to this software, there’s a reason why it’s so widely used amongst hosts. It has an intuitive interface that’s easy to use and navigate with a lot of beneficial features. Managing various websites with it becomes a simple task. You can implement automatic updates and backups, monitor the state of the server and catch any issues that might be affecting the system.

Acquiring the license to have access to these applications is recommended as it benefits both the users and their clients. You get extra protection tools like cPHulk that prevents malicious attacks, an encryption option and AutoSSL that secures every endpoint on a server with an SSL certificate. It also allows for third-party plugins and apps that help customize the user experience.


Do I need this license for every website hosted on VPS?

No, you don’t need several for every separate page. Only one is enough to host multiple sites on your server. With a single cPanel license, each one gets all the benefits that come with it. This means that:

  • enhanced security, encryption and greylisting,
  • the automatic SSL certificate for domains,
  • addons that extend functionality,
  • and automatic information backups, updates are applied to all websites.

Just remember to regularly renew it to retain access to these features. People ask whether it can be activated on more than one server. You can transfer it to a different IP address within the same system. But only one can be licensed at a time, so each additional one has to get separate licenses.


How to activate it?

The cPanel license will be activated automatically on your server right after purchasing the license as you will buy it by providing an existing VPS IP address.


Will the page be down once it expires?

No, the website will be up and running like it usually is. The expiration of the license only affects the software itself. Users won’t be able to use the program to perform tasks associated with the site, as the access to the interface will be closed.

Additionally, there won’t be a way to upgrade other systems like Apache, PHP, etc.

And these are the most common question about cPanel and its license. It’s a useful software for website management, security, and customization. For those that are unsure whether to get it or not, there is a free 15-day trial. Try it out and see for yourself how a license and access to this program’s features are beneficial.