Hostek Security Audit

Basic Annual
$695 / 1 Auditor
Advanced Annual
$1249 / 3 Auditors
Quarterly Recurring
Lower monthly price
What’s included (Base pricing only includes up to 3 servers)
Define and discuss current issues and
create a comprehensive action plan.
Evaluate and document Server(s),
Applications, and security requirements.
Secure/Separate Management Access
(VPN, Source IP Lockdown)
Disable unnecessary services on your
Application/Database server(s)
Lock Down Public IP(s) ports on the WAN
Evaluate/Secure Layer7 (SSL/TLS)
(Protocol and Ciphers Best practices)
Verify current Antivirus installation and
version (EICAR TEST)
Disaster Recovery/Backup checks with
restore verification
Code and Application inspection for
performance and vulnerability issues
Web App inspection for performance, and
vulnerabilities. Updates & Patches
Evaluate OS resource usage and System
logs for issues. Updates & Patches
Penetration Testing, vulnerability Scanning,
SQL injection scanning.
Port scanning and intrusion testing
Cross site scripting Vulnerability testing
PDF Report of Penetration scans
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Questions & answers

Questions & answers

What is an IT security audit?

Hostek security audit involves an IT security expert examining your company's existing IT infrastructure. During the process, specialists will identify any potential vulnerabilities and provide an action plan on managing these risks.

Please check the three packages listed above and choose the option that best suits your needs. If you have any specific requirements or questions, don't hesitate to register for a free consultation with our experts.

Does the Time4VPS team execute the security audit?

As our system administrators monitor the security of the Time4VPS servers, the audit of company's IT infrastructure requires much broader competencies. Therefore, in offering this service, we work with reliable partners working in IT security since 1998 - the Finnish company named Hostek.

Why does my company need an IT security audit?

A reliable, secure IT infrastructure is essential for all companies, whether large or small, business and non-profit. To ensure the organization's successful operation, it is necessary to manage and prevent any security risks in advance. The security audit identifies critical security vulnerabilities in an organization's IT infrastructure that threaten the protection of both company assets and customer data.

How can I choose the most suitable option?

We offer three packages to choose from. However, if you face problems choosing the most suitable option, we suggest consulting a specialist. Register and schedule a free consultation with Hostek security experts.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

As an IT security audit process is fully personalized by meeting your company's specific needs, this service is not covered by the money-back guarantee.