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Ways to solve Time4VPS VPN connectivity issues on Windows

If you experience some connectivity issues when you are connecting to the Time4VPS VPN Windows client, you can check this guide, which below provides some common solutions for solving issues with Time4VPS VPN. 

1. Cannot log in to the Time4VPS VPN

The Time4VPSVPN Windows Client login page shows an error after clicking Login which looks similar as the following:

 “Failed to connect. Exception status: response”

This error is mostly shown when the Time4VPSVPN client can’t connect to our authentication server for checking Windows Client username and password. Most often it is due to missing internet connection, for example, bad connection, WiFi is disconnected, no mobile data and etc.

The solution would be checking whether you are properly connected to the internet. If needed, you can contact your network provider.

2. VPN connection fails due to TAP driver error

If the Time4VPS VPN Windows client works fine, you can start it and login, but when connecting to a server the connection fails, so it could be that the TAP adapter might be corrupted during usage installation.

The solution is reinstalling the Time4VPS VPN.

3. VPN connection due to improperly configured network adapter

If the Time4VPS VPN Windows client works, you can start it and login, but when connecting to a server, the connection fails, it could be that the TAP Adapter is configured incorrectly. So, Time4VPS VPN Windows client can’t correctly establish a connection.

Firstly, you should check if the DNS addresses in the TAP-adapter are automatic.

1. Open Control Panel –> Network and sharing center –> Change adapter settings;

2. Look for TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and then right click on it and select Properties;

3. Unselect IPv6, select IPv4 and right click for Properties. Then make sure that both IP and DNS servers are set to automatic.

IPv4 properties

4. VPN connection fails due to authentication failure

When Time4VPS VPN Windows client works fine, you can start it and login, but connection fails when connecting to the server. The Windows application logs indicate “Auth Fail”.

Most likely the connection fails due to too many recent connections (attempts) that weren’t properly terminated and/or hitting maximum number of connected devices.

To solve this issue, firstly be sure that you have not reached your connection limit. All our VPN plans have different number of connected devices. You can check how many devices your plan allows in our main page.

You should wait 5-10 minutes and then try again connecting to a different server. From time to time servers clean up inactive and previous sessions. If there is a connection which has not been properly ended, for example, the device crashed, the WiFi disconnected and etc., our system will detect it and close that connection after some time automatically.

5. VPN is disconnecting / DNS is not resolving

If network browser does not resolve any URLs even though established VPN connection works fine, it could be caused by DNS settings which have been configured incorrectly and these settings are not updated.

To solve this issue, you will need to open CMD in your Windows device and enter below provided commands. Keep in mind that you need to have administrator rights for this.

Also, be sure that your VPN client version is the latest and if you will need to update it, you can open your Time4VPS VPN client and select File menu and clink on Update.

After checking it, you can open CMD and enter below provided commands one-by-one:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns 
ipconfig /renew
netsh interface ipv4 reset
netsh interface ipv6 reset

When you enter these commands, you need to restart your device and try to connect to the VPN Windows Client.

However, if this guide doesn’t provide solution to solve your problem, you can contact our support team via chat or opening support request. If you will open a support request, please provide connection logs, so our support specialists could investigate your problem thoroughly and provide the proper solution.

Connection logs can be found in your device by the following pathways:

  • C:\Users\<YOUR_Windows_Username>\AppData\Local\Time4VPS_VPN\logs\*

  • C:\ProgramData\Time4VPS_VPN\logs\*

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