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Ways to solve Time4VPS VPN connectivity issues on Android

If you experience some connectivity issues when you are connecting to the Time4VPS VPN Android app, you can check this guide, which below provides some common solutions for solving issues with Time4VPS VPN.

1. “Gateway is unreachable” error;

If the Time4VPS VPN Android app works fine, you can start it and login, but when connecting to a server the connection fails and  returns the error message “Gateway is unreachable”, the causes can be:

1.1 On your router settings, the IPSec Passthrough is likely disabled. So it means that when the devices are connecting to the router, they are being blocked from establishing outbound VPN connections.
1.2 The used IKEv2 VPN protocol on your device is blocked.

Ways to solve the error:

* Make sure that the Internet connections are active on your device.

* If you use a home network connection, you should check the IPSec Passthrough settings. These settings can be accessed by entering the IP address of your router in the web browser. That IP address you can find on your router or your device. When you log in to your router, scroll through your menu until you find the IPSec Passthrough settings. Then check is on your device enabled to allow your devices connect to the router and use IKEv2 VPN protocol.

Since each router has different settings, you might need to check your router  manually or consult with an IT specialist.

* If you can’t find IPSec Passthrough settings on your router,or if you use  other type of network and to not have access to the router, then you can use OpenVPN protocol.

2. Authentication failure

If you can open and log in to the Time4VPS VPN Android app successfully, but connection fails and returns error message “User authentication failed” when you try connecting to the VPN server. Also, Android app logs indicate “AUTH_FAILED”. This might be cause by these three situations:

2.1 The connection fails due to too many recent connections (attempts) that weren’t properly terminated.
2.2 You have hit the maximum number of connected devices under your current VPN plan.
2.3 Your VPN service invoice is unpaid.

Ways to solve the error:

Firstly be sure that you have not reached your allowed number of device limit.  All our VPN plans have different number of connected devices. You can check how many devices your plan allows in our main page.

Also, you can wait 5 minutes and then try again connecting to a different server.  From time to time our servers clean up inactive and old sessions.  So if there was a connection which has not been ended properly, for example, the device crashed,  the WiFi disconnected and etc., our system will detect it and close that connection after some time automatically.

If you have noticed that the invoice for the VPN service is unpaid, you should pay your invoice then because you will be able to  log in to your VPN app, but connect to the VPN server you will not be able.

3. Login problems

If you can open the Time4VPS VPN Android application successfully, but you can’t  login to your service and the app returns the error “Something went wrong”, most likely your network is blocking the Time4VPS VPN API.

Ways to solve the problem:

* If you are using your home network, you should check if there are no parental  controls enabled on your router. As well, make sure that there are no content  filters enabled on your Internet service provider (ISP) account.

* If the problem persists, you should try switching to another WiFi network on your device. Also, you can set up a manual VPN connection using OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocol.


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